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COVID-19: We are still open for business during these uncertain times

Price: $99.00 (Plus Tax)ID# COVID-19 Price includes tax. Deliver/Install/Haul: $

Hello Denver,

First, our hearts go out to those affected by this outbreak, and we hope you stay safe and healthy. We love to help, but we will not come out if anyone in your household has symptoms or has been in contact with others potentially affected.

Next, we are ready to come into your home to do deliveries and repairs, but we are taking extra precautions. We use a new pair of sterile gloves at each stop and we will wear a mask in your home.

Your appliances are "necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences."

Let us know how we can help, thank you!

Free Warranty with Every Purchase
Extended Warranties Are Available!
Installation hardware will be provided for FREE.
Electrical and Gas lines will be installed professionally.
Call us for out of warranty repairs at a discount!

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Rebranding and Growing! Contact us for Current Inventory

Rebranding and Growing! Contact us for Current Inventory

$0.00 (Plus Tax)5/29/20ID# UPDATE!more info
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