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Rates for Repair and Installation

Price: $0.00 (Plus Tax)ID# Rates Price includes tax. Deliver/Install/Haul: $

For $99 we will come out to accurately diagnose the appliance and give you an estimate for the repair. When we return with the part, Labor is $65 per hour, and billable in half our increments. So many repairs are a total of $164 plus the cost of parts.

  • $99 - $49 Trip / $50 Diagnostic
  • $65 - Labor per Hour, billable in half hour increments
  • $xx - Parts
  • $50 Diagnose additional appliance in same trip
  • $30 Labor per hour additional for antique appliances
Installations are available, and we test installed appliances to ensure quality. Our experienced installers use dollies, straps, and protective equipment to ensure there is no damage to your property. We also offer removal/reinstall services to help with your remodel projects. Every installation is different, and we offer installation hardware as needed, so the price ranges are estimates.

    $100-$200 Single Washer or Dryer
  • $100-$200 Refrigerator under 21 cu.ft.
  • $150-$250 Refrigerator over 21 cu.ft.
  • $150-$250 Dishwasher
  • $100-$150 Microwave
  • $100-$250 Range/Cook-top
  • $200-$350 Wall Oven
  • $100-$150 Garbage Disposal
  • $30-$60 Unboxing per unit
  • $40-$80 Stacking Dryer on Washer
  • $45-$90 Gas appliances
  • $20-$100 Haul away/disposal fee per appliance

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Warrantied Repairs!
Haul away is always FREE.
Appliances will be installed professionally.
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