Amazed at the level of service I just recently bought a house and was in need of a washer and dryer. I chose to go the used route to save some money. I found an add for Denver Washer and Dryer on craigslist. I went into their store, which is very nice and clean, and met with a very nice salesperson. He explained to me the different sets that he had available. After I chose a set, they took them in the back to check and make sure they were running and then loaded them up for me. One of the best parts is they provided all the hookup hardware including both types of plugs for the dryer. Once I got the washer and dryer installed I ran a load to see how they worked. The washer seemed to have an issue with the timer. I phoned the shop the next day and they arranged to have a repairman come look at the machine (90 day warranty). Once they looked at the machine, they simply replaced it with another machine of similar model that actually had a few more features. They were very polite and professional. I will definitely shop here again and recommend anyone who needs a quality used appliance do the same.


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